Hi I’m Donna

Ive been spiritual all my life, i had my first experience of seeing spirit and angels from the age of about 6,7, i had my first healing experience when i was about 10, and this was actually with horses and a cat, and my first experience with people when i was 16.

ive guided many people over the years with there own situations and there animals, ive worked with incredible spiritual beings such as power animals, animal guides, spirit guides, angels, unicorns, dolphins and of course ascended masters no more so then merlin.

My aim is to show people a more spiritual path and how everyday things can really open up your awareness to live a more fulfilled life, do you know what a deer means, do you know what a rabbit means these incredible beings are waiting to give you messages.

After featuring in several magazines and celebratory radio i then went on to do platform medium work and now its time to teach others and watch the transformations take place, my passion is assisting others in the only way i know how. .

Their is so much more to the universe and to you and how to align to better health better wealth to be authentically you, clear fear and feel safe, their is so much and my intention is to show you how to remove blocks and gain a more open channel for you to use to use in any situation.